Center... Meditation... Aims...

Our vision is of a fairer world, in which people collaborate with each other and with nature everywhere, recognising that all are interconnected.

We need to do our very, very best to make sure every thought, every word, every action is done in love. We are all concerned about the environment, solidarity, nature and earth and today we are worried about her destruction.

It's time to act and create with all of us who are involved in the Dharma and Green Sangha communities, ecological organisations and Foundations, living food, sustainable development groups are more than welcome to participate in this center.

Two people are all it takes to start a group! does three fundamental things: meditate together, educate and support each other, and plan and perform direct environmental actions. Our center brings spiritual practice and environmental work together to heal our planet. Our mission is to bring healing to ourselves, one another, and the earth through thoughts, words, and actions rooted in love.

chapters meet to meditate, educate, and support each other, and to plan and perform direct environmental actions. Our time together is designed to help develop the qualities of calmness, lucidity, and awareness which we believe are vital to our work as spiritually-based environmental activists.

is based on shared leadership and full participation. Everyone can participate, if you are interested in environmental activism as spiritual practice to start the project.

carries creative garden as a universal language within everyone's grasp. It favours exchanges and creates encounters, meetings, festivals, ecological events.

's goals are:

To ease expression and achievement of “cultural creative people” by facilitating their meeting and their social implication as well as their practical experience by the creation of a collaborative site allowing networking and experience sharing.

To favour socialization of the members by encounters.

To actively support projects such as cultural happenings, colloquium, formation, networking, media communication, individual or collective initiatives.

We will work towards this vision in two main ways:

•  firstly by exploring in practice how to work co-operatively and how to use our land, resources, and abilities so that they are enhanced rather than depleted, for the health and benefit of all;

•  and secondly by sharing this process with others, both in order to learn from each other, and also by enabling them through hands-on experience to take forward the vision in their own work.


We seek to make the most of the rich resources and the Wider World to enable ourselves and others, of all ages and abilities, to develop our potential as whole people, integrating mind, body and spirit.

We believe that:

•  justice is the only sure foundation for peaceful development in the long term;

•  every action of individuals and organisations, however small, can contribute to the change of perspective which is required;

•  as well as words, we need practice and experience to bring about change in ourselves and others.


We commit ourselves to regular shared reflection on our work, and to reviewing how effectively it meets our aims.



* Share spiritual experiences

* Encourage and support each other

* Perform direct environmental actions (Plant trees)

can help you to realize your projects or allow you to meet others with whom creative exchanges can be made. The basis of is the pleasure of creating together and to see our projects materializing. We consider that by participating in a project, an artist or a volunteer is a creator.